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Ordering / Prices - IRELAND


Special Offer!!

Any customer who has completed an SEI approved wind turbine installation course can purchase our turbines at trade price.

Save 1000's off our list price for domestic wind turbines.

Call us to discuss now

Guideline Prices


These are guideline prices - call us to discuss your specific requirements

Size Typical Use Saving/Yr* Output Units / Kwh per year Tower Height Blade Diam. Cost Excl. VAT € Cost Inc. VAT (13.5%) €  
1kw Average Domestic Dwelling €475 2500 6m 3.1m 4,700 5,334  
1kw Taper Tower Average Domestic Dwelling €475 2500 8m 3.1m 6,500 7,377  
1kw - DIY Average Domestic Dwelling €475 2500 6m 3.1m 3,900 4,797
* VAT (23%)
2kw Average Domestic Dwelling €1,180 5000 8m Taper 3.2m 10,950 12,428  
3kw Farm / Light Commercial €1,500 7500 9/12/16m Taper 4.7m 15,980 18,137  
5kw Farm / Commercial / Light Industrial €2,500 12500 9/12/16m Taper 6.0m 19,950 22,643  
20Kw Farm / Commercial / Industrial €10,000 50,000 16/18/24 10/12 From €67,000 DIY    

*Your electricity bill will be reduced by this figure yearly

  • Prices valid until 31st December  2012
  • Price includes supply, installation and commissioning
  • Price reduction can be negotiated where the customer wishes to do groundwork, electrical work
  • Prices for the 1kw taper tower, 2, 3 & 5kw do not include additional works i.e. building to house inverters, additional cable runs, cost of concrete installation or digger hire
  • All of the above turbines are exempt from planning permission
  • All of the turbines begin to produce power at a wind speed of 2.5m/s (5.6mph)
  • All auto self-protect from high winds
  • All towers are monopole except for the 1kw and 1kw DIY 6m tower. 8m tower is monopole
  • Expected life without maintenance is 20 years
  • All turbines interact seamlessly with National Grid
  • No Batteries - they plug straight into the premises grid through an inverter
  • Inverters comply with National Grid connection rules (EN 50438 and G83)



If you are interested in getting a quote or arranging a date for installation, please complete the form below and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Enquiry Form *

Please send me a quotation for a:
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Please contact me to arrange a date for installation of a:
400w    1kw    2kw    3kw    5kw    10kw    Wind Turbine

Do you have a land area of at least acre?
Do you have a relatively open view from the south east around to the north west?
Is your premises to the east or north of the intended site location?
Is your site location at least 30 metres from your neighbours dwelling house?
Is there an electrical source 220volts (3 phase for 10kw) within 30 metres of your intended site?
Is there a dry area at this location to house an inverter?
Are all large trees at least 100m away from the site in all directions?
If you generally think you have a windy location the chances are you have?

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