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How many systems can be installed on one property?

There is no limit to the number of windturbines that can be installed provided planning can be achieved. To obtain the maximum benefit for your investment the potential delivered electricity should match the base-load electrical consumption. There is no limit to the number of systems that can be installed however matching your electrical load demand or the Maximum Export Capacity (MEC) is the most economical situation.

Do you have any other systems for sale with more output?

Currently, we offer turbines from 55kW up to 3MW in size.

What is the lowest wind speed at which the turbines will start generating electricity?

Turbines will generally start generating electricity at approximately 3 metres per second (m/s) with a reasonably constant wind flow. Higher speeds rapidly deliver more electricity. (Output varies with the 'cube' of the wind speed)

What is the maximum wind speed to which the turbines can operate?

The maximum operating wind speed is approximately 25m/s above which the system will go into safe shutdown and stop generating through in-built control mechanisms.

Where can I find information about my local average wind speed?

There are several references available through the Worldwide Web, e.g. SEAI (Sustainable Energy Authority Ireland)

How noisy are wind turbines?

Turbines are 3-bladed and there is a degree of noise caused by wind-rush on the structure and by the blade tips cutting through the air. Customer feedback is positive, the sound often being described as a swishing sound. We provide a full wind noise modeling service. Look up the turbine specifications and manufacturer guidelines for details. To view a video clip that shows the impact of shadowflicker and noise click on this link

What is the life expectancy of turbines?

We regular service and maintenance wind turbines can achieve a life expectancy up to 25 years

What maintenance is required, and is there a maintenance agreement?

Heavily worked or stressed units will require ultimately the most attention. Poor environmental conditions will affect the overall period before maintenance is required. Various levels of maintenance services are offered. For overall cost-effectiveness of the wind turbine, it is our aim to minimize as far as is practical, any additional 'on-costs' to the customer. It will however be necessary to agree on an annual maintenance agreement.

Can the turbines be installed in my property if three is no Grid connection?

No, industrial sized turbines require a reference mains supply at all times.

Can the turbines be fitted to work in conjunction with other generating systems, e.g. diesel?

Yes, we have experience of connecting industrial windturbines with diesel generating systems.

What happens in the event of a power cut?

The windturbine goes into 'safe shutdown' and self-starts when the Grid supply is restored.

What happens to the electricity generated when I am not using it?

Any electricity that is being generated by the turbines, but not used by the factory, flows back into the grid. This feed back of power to the Grid is called 'spillage'. The 'spillage' from a wind turbine's power output is allowed under CER rules.

What about exporting to the Grid?

Yes, you will be paid for any power exported back to the Grid, up to 500kW.

How much Carbon Dioxide will I save from release?

Each 10kWh of electricity equates to about 4.5kg of CO2, 0.05kg of SO2 and 0.02kg of NO2.

Will the turbine interfere with television signals?

No, an EIS study will ensure this will not happen.

What about planning permission?

All installations must follow the normal planning permission rules.

What about the Zones of Visualisation? (ZVIs)

Zones of Visualisation are computer generated pictures of what the installation will look like from various surrounding vantage points. AZVI will be completed as part of an EIS study.

Do provide a turnkey project?

Yes, from initial feasibility through to commissioning. A full 25 year maintenance and project efficiency policy is also provided.

Will I still get an electricity bill?

Yes, the turbines need power to keep them active. There will also be periods when the wind doesn't blow so power will be needed from the Grid.

Do you complete a site survey?

Yes, will complete a full site survey and draft budget for a small fee. Any obvious reasons as to why planning may be refused will be identified at that time.

Will planning be given easily?

As stated, the planning process must be followed, however Government guidelines suggest that we must do more to reach our renewable energy targets and reduce our harmful emissions. Our in house planning experts give expert opinion on your chances of success before starting a project. It is advisable to check your relevant county plan for Renewable Energy Plans.

Can I view a wind turbine in action?

Yes, will bring you to visit working turbines once you show substantial commitment to a project.