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New Turbines

We use many different machines to suit each client's or our own windfarm particular sites. For new windfarms or Auto-production sites we generally install tried and tested European brands which come with extended warranties.

Reconditioned Turbines

Reconditioned or refurbished turbines can be installed in both Auto Production and grid connections less than 500Kw in size. Tturbines that have been reconditioned to a high standard will have a 20 year lease of life again.

We source our reconditioned turbines from our partner company in Denmark. These turbines originate from windfarms in Denmark and Germany that our partner company installed or even owned over the past 15 - 20 years. We know the complete service history and performance of each turbine we sell. The second hand turbines we source are Bonus, Vestas, Siemens and Windmatic. These turbine brands have proven themselves over the past 20 years workng in harsh conditions. The sizes of turbines we sell range from 55Kw up to 660Kw. They can be sold as is, or reconditioned with a 2 year warranty. Extra warranty may be purchased.

We do not trade the markets or take turbines from brokers looking  to offload troublesome machines!

Call us now to get a competitive quote for as is, or refurbished turbines. Delivery from mainland Europe to your site can be arranged. For a full list of what we refurbish on each turbine click REFURBISHMENT SPECIFICATION


IN STOCK NOW - VESTAS V17 / 75KW, 23m Tubular Tower - Fully

Refurbished. Call for Price


The following turbines are available standing working, ex stock, as is and refurbished. Click on the model number for the manufacturers specification



Models currently available: 95kw, 150kw



Models currently available: V15/55kw, V17/75kw, V20/120kw, V25 / 200Kw, V27/225kw, V39/500Kw, V42 /600Kw, V47/660kw, V52/850kw (new)


Models currently available: 99kw



Models currently available: 330kw (New), 800kw Upwards(New)



Models currently available: 95kw



Models currently available: N52, N54



Call us for a quote today or click here to make an electronic enquiry


Vestas V17/75kw refurbished

Vestas V15/55kw after refurbishment