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Consultancy & Site Survey

We provide wind farm development and consultancy services both in Ireland and Internationally. We currently operate in many countries - UK, Denmark, Portugal and South Africa. (Office in Cape Town, SA. For enquiries within South Africa please contact Derek Bock or Deborah Anne de Vos on +27 21 4264759)

1) Auto Production Sites - will conduct an initial on-site survey for a small fee. The following will be assessed:

  • Wind resource
  • Grid connection
  • Any obvious environmental issues
  • Initial electrical site capacity and load profile
  • Overview of expected savings, design, costs, etc.
  • Presentation to senior management of the site potential and development roadmap. are actively looking to speak with businesses in Ireland with regard to Auto-Production electricity generation.

Further development would then focus on:

  • Detailed draft budgets for your development site
  • Planning application submission
  • Wind assessment and measurement
  • Grid connection Application
  • Design, build and manage


2) Windfarm Development - We offer a comprehensive windfarm development package to potential developers globally. Through our extensive partnership with Danish, Irish, UK and South African companies we are well positioned to provide turnkey solutions and also engage with relevant third party Independent companies such as Garrad Hassan (wind assessemnt), Wind Prospect (wind farm modelling), QinetiQ (Wind Farm Radar Impact Studies). We have extensive knowledge within the Renewable Energy finance sector where we can secure finance and introduce third party investors to projects. are actively looking to speak with landowners in South Africa with regard to leasing land for wind farm development.


3) Single turbines 500Kw output - These projects are generally aimed at the Irish market. We are actively looking to lease land within Ireland for the installation of single 500Kw wind turbines to connect to the grid. We pay the same rates for land leases as landholders within large windfarms receive. These projects are ideal for landholders who have the following:

  • Elevated Windy sites with small landholdings not suitable for largescale windfarm development. Check your sites wind resource at
  • Close proximity to a suitable grid connection - we can advise what suitable connections are
  • A desire to generate an income from their landholding and still farm their land
  • Do not have the knowledge to build a wind farm but are desirable to have windturbines on their land
  • Wish to receive annual government backed, CPI indexed rental payments

Before contacting us, please have the following information to hand:

  • Check out the SEAI wind atlas to get a wind reading (50metre hub height) at your site
  • Grid co-ordinates of your land holding
  • Height above sea level in metres, if available


For all three options above we are in a position to generate detailed 20 Year Cash flow and Profit & loss budgets. These budgets are essential to analyse the potential profitability of any development you may have in mind and are an essential part of the due diligence process in windfarm development.


4) Met Mast Installation, Hire, Data Collection and Wind Reports - With our colleagues in Denmark, over 50 met mast locations for wind farms have been measured  globally to date. We offer a complete met mast installation service to third party assessment  and bankable level. We can supply 40m, 60m, 80m, 100m and 120m guyed and lattice masts across  Ireland, UK and Europe. Our techicians are trained in the use of NRG met systems and we download all recorded information on a weekly basis by GPS from each met mast location. We also offer a repair service for masts that are already installed and need to be dropped to change / recalibrate sensors etc. Third party wind reports are generated in correlation with surrounding Met stations to give accurate wind speed, direction and power reports for your site.


Contact us by phone or email here to get a very competitive quote for your windfarm development plans